come back to me歌词的中文意思

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我知道歌名的意思是 《回到我的身边》 那歌词是什么意思?
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    The rain falls on my windows【雨滴掉落敲打我窗】 and a coldness runs through my soul【寒意袭来深入灵魂】 and the rain falls【大雨在下(雨不停在下)】 I don't want to be alone【我不想就这么一个人】 I wish that I could photoshop on our bad memories【我希望我能用Photoshop将我们之间不好的记忆都抹去】 Cuz the flash backs【因为往事如潮】 oh the flashbacks won't leave me alone【Oh 那往事如潮】 If you come back to me【如果你回到我身边】 I'll be all that you need【我愿意付出一切】 baby come back to me 【宝贝请回到我身边】 let me make up for what happened, and【让我们风雨同舟】 Come back, baby come back to me【回来 宝贝请回到我身边】 Come back, I'll be everything you need【回来 我愿意为你付出一切】 Come back, for you're one in a million【回来 为了那万里挑一的一个】 Come back, you're one in a million (one in a million)【回来 你就是那万里挑一的一个】 On the bayside of Manhatten【而在另一边曼哈顿】 She goes shopping for new clothes【她准备为自己添些新衣服】 And she buys this, and she buys that【她买这件 她买那件】 just leave her alone【仅仅是孤单一人】 I wish that he would listen to her side of the story【我希望他可以倾听她的心声】 It isn't that bad【这并不是最坏的】 and she's wiser for it now【至少她现在是明智的】 I admit I cheated (admit I cheated)【我承认我欺骗了】 Don't know why I did it (why I did it)【但是你知道吗?】 But I do regret it (regret it)【我真的后悔了】 And nothing I can do or say can change it.【但现在没有什么能改变它了】 Everything I ever did【对於我做过的一切】 heaven knows I'm sorry but【上天知道我的歉意 但是】 I was too fantastic【我想不到】 you were always there for me【你总是为了我等在那里】 and my curiosity got the better of me【我的求知欲会让一切转变】 baby take it easy on me【宝贝放轻松】 Anyhting from A to Z【任何事从A到Z】 tell me what you want to be【告诉我 你到底想要什么】 I open my heart to me【我敞开我的心】 you were my priority【你是我永远的首要】 can't you see you punished me【没看到我已经被你惩罚了么?】 more than enough fority【你大过任何权利】 Baby take it easy on me【宝贝请放松】 baby come back to me, baby come back to me【宝贝请放松】 NA NA NA NA NA NA
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